About Us

International Network Communications Allianz born already with over 40 years of executive senior experience in telecommunications, through its executive directors.

Based in Washington - US, INC has offices in the Silicon Valley, Brazil and Africa, and many partners around the globe.

We empower the global market by providing first class technology that brings high quality services in a B2B and B2C relation. The result is millions of minutes terminated around the world.

Our focus is on entering into long-standing business relationships with reliable companies within the telecommunication industry to provide stable and cost-effective VoIP services. Taking advantage of our points of presence which are located in strategic global time zones allows our services to be operated and supported around the clock by our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

In order to maintain our already recognized business model, we continue to develop our technology always seeking the newest is what the industry offers.

The success of our company is our focus in taking our existing partnerships to the next level and our welcoming new partners to share the same success.